Let's make your mornings better

We'll contact you to learn all about your daily trip needs

By contacting you, we can gather all the necessary information required as well as give you a solid run-down on pricing for the entire arrangement.

We'll then post your listing on the Regulars.asia listing page

The listing page is where our partner drivers can apply for trips.

We'll calculate the appropriate fare for your daily trip based on distance and time. However, if the fare is too high for your budget, we can still post the listing according to your budget.

Do expect the trip fare to be slightly higher than a standard taxi fare

As all our drivers have to be at your pick-up location 5 minutes beforehand, he/she has to clear their schedule 30 mins before your trip in order to ensure that he is on time to pick you up and that you are never late.

This effectively takes up close to an hour of the driver's time, we hope you can understand and treat the slight premium as a small advanced booking fee.

  • No Peak Hour Surcharges

    Our trip fare calculator is competitively based upon Uber Fares, there are no peak hour surcharges or surge charges. Your fare is calculated once based on distance and time at the start, and remains fixed forever.


    Our passengers love the fact that we are always on hand to resolve any issue at all they might have with their regular trips. With a dedicated team just for customer support, you'll be sure that any possible issue related to your trip or driver will be quickly resolved!


    We believe that a predictable morning is a precursor to an amazing day. By enabling the everyone to have a private driver, you can now wake up later, and also have a private space to compose yourself on the way to work or school in the morning.

Here's to Incredible Mornings Ahead!

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